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The art of French table service

La Véranda Restaurant - Hôtel Royal

Live a unique culinary experience featuring the classics of French cuisine served true to tradition to enjoy a friendly meal with fine food.


Our chef Patrice Vander, rewarded with a Star by Michelin Guide in 2018, and his team will prepare, cook and serve the lunch in the dining room, in front you. French service, english service et russian service will be used during the lunch.



Gift box at the Hôtel Royal including: 

1 glass of champagne


A choice of starters: French service at the table
Spit-roasted chicken
Grilled fish or lobster
Roasted beef or lamb: silver service
Local cheese trolley: Russian service
Dessert buffet



Enquiries & reservations on +33 (0)4 50 26 85 00


The art of French table service would not be available from July, 1st until September, 16th, included. 

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